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It's natural for your teeth to lose their shine over time. The effects of smoking, coffee, and normal wear and tear all add up. But we provide accessible, affordable whitening services that get your beautiful smile back. Most patients can see their teeth get two shades whiter when they visit us!

The preferred way to whiten teeth is by using a home whitening kit. When using a home whitening kit, the first step is to create a custom impression of your teeth so your mouth trays can fit you best. The next step is to add whitening solution into the tray and wear the tray for as long as you need to. In just a few sessions, you'll see a clear, beautiful smile again.


Crowns help strengthen your teeth while improving your smile. A crown is a small porcelain cap that sits on top of your tooth, restoring its strength and appearance. Dentists often recommend crowns to fix fractures, support bridges, or fix a weak filling.

Installing a crown often involves two appointments—one to make an impression of your teeth and another to place the crown. During your first appointment, we'll place a mold on your tooth so we can get the best fit possible. Then we numb the mouth to remove any tooth decay. We'll also shape the tooth to best fit your new crown. Lastly, we provide a temporary crown while your permanent one is being made.

When your new crown is finished, we'll call you back into the office to place it. Then we'll make adjustments for a perfect fit. Patients may experience some sensitivity after the crown has been placed, but that will subside over time.


Porcelain veneers can help you reach your dream smile without the hassle of whitening. Natural teeth often suffer from stains or chips. But veneers can correct these blemishes. Veneers are small, thin sheets of porcelain that attach to the front of your tooth and improve its size, shape, and color.

We start our process of installing veneers by buffing and shaping your existing teeth. Then we'll take an impression to create custom-fitting veneers and choose the proper color. Next, we use a bonding adhesive to bond the veneer to your teeth. The entire process does not require any anesthetic unless the patient is sensitive.

Veneers are durable, but like all dental installations, they should be taken care of. Chewing can often shift the veneers, so make sure to practice ongoing dental care.

White Fillings

Fillings are a common choice for patients who want to repair teeth that have fractured or decayed. Our fillings are made from a composite of quartz resin, which gives your teeth a whiter, more natural look.

When we install filings, we first remove the decayed portion of your tooth. Then we'll fill the now-empty space with composite and shape it to match your other teeth. Afterward, you may experience some temperature sensitivity, which should fade in time.

Fillings are usually done in one appointment, and patients are typically under anesthesia.

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