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Periodontal Disease Treatments
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Periodontal Disease Treatments

Are you seeing blood when you floss or brush? The culprit is likely periodontal disease. This disease affects a large portion of the population and occurs when bacterial pockets or spaces in the gum tissue form. Normal brushing cannot reach these pockets, and without proper care, the pockets will continue to get deeper and deeper. To treat periodontal disease, reach out to us today! 


Periodontal disease begins with gingivitis. Signs of gingivitis include bleeding when brushing, inflammation, and tenderness. To diagnose gingivitis, we insert a probe between the teeth and the gums to measure the depth of the bacterial pockets.


Without proper treatment, gingivitis and periodontal disease further destroy teeth, gums, and bone. Depending on bad your condition is, we recommend a deep cleaning and scaling procedure with local numbing. After we remove the pockets of bacteria underneath the gum line, your tissue will heal on its own.


After our treatment, we'll schedule follow-up appointments to keep an eye on your healing progress. If your gums don't improve over time, then a visit to a periodontist specialist may be in order. Medicated rinses, consistent flossing, and using an electric toothbrush are some of the home treatments we suggest as well.

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