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Implants, Root Canals, Caps, Dentures

Preventative oral health is the first step to good dental health, but when the damage has already been done, we can still help. Our clinic offers several procedures that restore your teeth to their natural healthy appearance. We provide options that help relieve pain, repair damage, improve your bite, and get you back to smiling happily!


Dental implants replace lost teeth, relieve pain, restore chewing ability, and improve facial tissue health. In addition, implants are a natural-looking, durable choice that last for years to come.

Adding implants is a time-intensive process that can take months. First, we'll place artificial roots and teeth directly into your jawbone. After placement, the implants must heal for several months and form into the bone. During that time, we'll bring you in for several fittings and adjustments to give you a more comfortable fit.

After several months pass, you'll be good to go! Once you're at home, we highly encourage that you follow proper implant maintenance to get the most usage out of your implants.

Root Canals

Experiencing severe pain or sensitivity in your teeth is never a good sign. If this is happening, then you may need a root canal due to intense tooth decay. During a root canal, we'll remove your affected tissue and reshape your tooth's nerve canal. Finally, we fill the tooth with a special material and seal it to prevent future infection.


Bridges are another option to replace missing teeth. These permanent fixtures are made of porcelain and metal and sit over your existing teeth. Bridges fix many of the same problems that implants do, such as relieving pain and protecting facial tissue. We can discuss if bridges or implants are a better option for you.


Dentures are a removable option that replaces missing teeth and keeps your smile looking fresh. At our dental office, we provide both full and partial dentures.

The process of adding dentures varies from patient to patient. Sometimes we must remove your existing teeth before we can create your dentures. After you receive your dentures, we'll ask that you come back in for several appointments for adjustments. Once your dentures fit perfectly, it's time to enjoy that brand-new smile!

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